Who is Marshall Tucker?

When MTB first got together in their native Spartanburg back in 1972 they were rehearsing in an old warehouse. They had yet to decide on a name and were discussing what they should call themselves one evening. Someone looked at the tag on the key and it said "Marshall Tucker" and it was suggested they call themselves the Marshall Tucker Band, not knowing it was a real person's name. Because it was time to go to dinner and everyone was hungry they said "sounds great" and the rest is history.

A few years later they found out that Marshall Tucker was the name of the person who rented the building before them. His name was still on the key tag because the warehouse owner hadn't changed it yet. Mr. Tucker was a blind piano tuner, who, along with his partner, used the building for their piano business.

In late 1983 original members, Toy Caldwell, George McCorkle, and Paul Riddle, along with Fanklin Wilkie - who replaced Tommy Caldwell, decided they'd had enough of the road and wanted to move on to other things. Doug Gray and Jerry Eubanks still had the fever and continued on. Jerry, after 25 years, retired in 1996 so he could spend more time with his kids.

Tommy Caldwell died from injuries sustained in an auto accident in 1980. Toy Caldwell formed his own band in the late 1980s. He toured quite a bit and released his self-titled CD on the Cabin Fever label in 1992. Toy passed away in 1993 due to heart problems. George McCorkle passed away in 2006.

Paul Riddle still lives in Spartanburg and teaches drums in his private studio. He also manufactures drum sticks, and his business is called, appropriately enough, the Carolina Stick Company.

Jerry Eubanks retired in 1996 so he could spend more time with his kids. He still resides in his native Spartanburg.

Many fans also ask what became of Franklin Wilkie, who filled in on bass after Tommy's passing. He records many of the Upstate's finest new young bands as well as veteran rockers in his recording studio in Spartanburg.

Stomping Room Only is the name of a live LP that was never released by Capricorn records. It was "in the can" and ready to go but the band and Capricorn parted ways so the LP was never released. Capricorn soon folded after the band left. It was discovered that Paul Hornsby, MTB's original producer, had a master copy of "Stomping Room Only," which was then released in 2003.