In 2005 the surviving original members of the Outlaws came together for a 30th year reunion tour.

Hughie, Monte and myself along with Dave Dix, Chris Anderson, Randy Threet, and Dave Robbins went out and toured that year to the faithful legions of Outlaw Fans. Dave and I left the group to pursue our obligations to Blackhawk at the end of that year and the Outlaws moved on. Tragically we lost Hughie in 2007. With original members Hughie, Billy Jones, and Frank O'Keefe also gone Monte and I decided to try and pick up the pieces and move forward with the Outlaws. Today the band continues along with Chris Anderson, Billy Crain, Randy Threet, and Dave Robbins. With the release of the a new studio album "It's About Pride" and a documentary "Hidin' Out In Tennessee" that chronicles the making of that new album the Outlaws stand at the threshold of new chapter in it's long legacy.

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The Fallen Outlaws Fund

The Fallen Outlaws Fund in the names of Hughie Thomasson, Billy Jones, and Frank O'Keefe will benefit "Musicares", an organization that provides medical service for uninsured musicians.

Van Stephenson Memorial Fund

In early 1999 BlackHawk founding member Van Stephenson was diagnosed with melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer. Before his passing in 2001 his dying wish to Henry and Dave was that the band continue on, saying "there's a lot more music left in BlackHawk," and do all it can to help find a cure for cancer. 
To honor this wish the Van Stephenson Memorial Cancer Research Fund was established in 2001. Contributions can be mailed to:

Van Stephenson Memorial Cancer Research Fund 
c/o BlackHawk 
PO Box 121804 
Nashville TN 37212

Please make checks payable to "Van Stephenson Memorial Cancer Research Fund." 

Awareness of this charity is elevated through the sale "Ships of Heaven" tee shirts as well as cute little bears both bearing Van's likeness. 100% of the proceeds from these tees and lovable little critters go to cancer research. 

Together, we can help the search for a cure for this devastating disease. 

Our continued thanks to all for your support!