Sienna was formed in Greenwich Village New York in 1970. I met Jim Fish in September of that year. We shared a love for the Byrds and together formed the nucleus of this new band. Ray Gerber a Saxophonist and flute player I met at the Cafe' Wha in November joined the group and Sean Emmet a young up and coming bassist was the last to tag in. We rehearsed that winter and in early spring of 71 we packed up our gear and headed to Tampa for an opportunity to work with a friend who managed the band. We met Monte Yoho upon our arrival and he completed the group. We played many colleges and universities with bands like the Earl Scruggs Revue and developed a fresh new sound. We played together for a while but Sean, homesick, for New York moved back. Frank O'Keefe joined the group in Sean's absence but more changes were on the horizon.


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